Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Rock Solid

Liquid Color

The Sturdy and the Ephemeral, one can support the other, or can it?

*  "Like emptiness and harmony...."

Early Autumn and there is a hot humid atmosphere yet a faint chill, breezes blowing gently now will soon have a bite.  Green is the color of the moment.  Cats are suspicious, they know change is in the air.

"All is Process"
One step builds another, a diagram or sketch takes shape and gradually becomes a project in action.  

"Yesterday", when I was little, I had a wagon full of rocks and pebbles, I roamed in the yard  and the wagon went with me.  Today I spliced together words in a fun and random poetic fashion.

String of Pearls Poems:

A wagon full of memories









Mirror Image

*** "That's the great joy, creating something that wasn't there before," Tom Petty, musician

Chaos becomes Order: Rock Solid Project, tiny boxwood, original sandstone brick and mortar, river rocks with flagstone trim

In my imagination:
** I see Mt-St-Michel and St. Aubert's Abbey in Normandy
I see Chartres Cathedral in France, sculptures etched in stone with curtains of lace-like stained glass: "The Legendary Windows."

* "I see angels in the architecture, spinning in infinity...."  

Golden Angel Statue atop St. Aubert's Abbey, Normandy 

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* Paul Simon live concert, old favorites and new music including Sounds of Silence, Austin City Limits PBS TV, (2016). "Like emptiness and harmony" quote from song Homeward Bound and "Angels in the architecture..." quote from song Call Me Al.

Songs of the Day:  American Tune, Simon and Garfunkel, The Concert in Central Park and
Sounds of Silence, done very slowly here. Edgy yet relaxing music for writing.

*** Quote from Tom Petty, musician 1950-2017, from Charlie Rose Interview April 19, 1999. Charlie Rose, PBS and BTV

Book Mt-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams, take a pilgrimage into time, "The Legendary Windows"

TV: My Little Pony cartoons, episodes Maud Pie and Rock Solid Friendship, DFCH Discovery Family Channel and other sources.  Maud Pie studies rocks and writes poems, "There're all about rocks, I have thousands of them."

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis:
Rock Solid project begins
Stained Glass Candle Holder Glows in the Sunlight
River Rocks
Completed Project:  includes three tiny boxwoods in natural surroundings

Oil Painting by Dahlis: Sky Sea and Stone (detail)
St. Aubert's Abbey, 807 AD, appeared in a meditation and later gradually painted itself.  St. Aubert received three visions from St. Michael the Archangel to build Mt-Saint-Michel, fortress on the top peaks of this island off the Normandy Coast.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


As summer melts into early autumn,  the Birthday Girls come out to play:
Silver Butterfly Sept 23, 1985 and Blue Butterfly Sept 26, 2010

Iridescent Butterfly, how do you glow?

Behold, you were blue and now you are multicolored?  How did this happen?

Day and Light, you change and evolve.

Where will you be next? 

This necklace changed color from a blue butterfly pendant to various pearl tones and reflective prisms on March 17, 2017?  How did this happen?

Chuckling, I write down random titles for possible future posts?

Lighten Up

Crystal Clear

Mile-a-Minute Mind

Out of Order

Muted image of Silver Butterfly shows a bit of pink and lavender.  Out of a Dream You Came....

* "Attention Energizes, Intention Transforms."

Love is a mirror reflecting Infinity.

Happy Birthday Out of the Blue: 333 posts later and 7 happy years of writing experiments, my, how we have grown!

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* Chopra Center Meditation, 21 Day Meditation Experiences by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, M.D., various topics.  Quote from Desire and Destiny, segment, Intentional Me, July 27, 2017  create your free blog with Google, it's easy and free

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Blue Butterfly Logo Painting and Muted Image of Silver Butterfly Painting plus photo of necklace by Dahlis

Celebrate! Hand Made Cards by Linda published with permission 

Saturday, September 9, 2017


 *Loon Haiku by Isabel Jackson             

              Loons close to our shore
    the next minute far, far out
              then feeding near us

              Loon parent and chick
    a diving feeding lesson
              takes repetition 

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Sonic Satellite Music: Various Selections and Styles

Tranquility, music for relaxation:
Jim Centorino, Loon Lake
CD: Ivory

* Isabel Jackson, writer, poem reprinted with permission

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist. Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Pen Drawing, Loon on Lake by Dahlis 

Thursday, August 31, 2017


*Total Eclipse of the (He)art

Moonglow Sunburst:

A 90 minute event, transformed the Nation and the World with new technology and heightened enthusiasm.  With awe and wonder, we watched, cheered, laughed, and cried, a display of vivid emotions, heart felt.  

I watched "live...."

Jackson Hole Wyoming scenes were particularly memorable, the sharp mountain peaks went dark!  Silence! 

Carbondale IL, ** "but clouds got in my way"....seconds of light shining through a dark rain cloud hovering above.  Some viewers in various  locations related that during totality, there was an "ethereal blue" tone to the landscapes. "Yes~"

I checked out our own landscape during partial coverage, I watched as the cloudy bright sky became a shade darker, I noticed subtle shades of green and blue mutate to a calmer frequency.  I felt intensity and excitement.

Thinking back to more primitive times, when the world turned dark for a brief time.  How would I feel then?  

I made drawings and marked in the colors, intense fast fun.  I watched and wrote at the speed of light, absorbing a timeline of timeless magic flashing quickly before me.  The diamond ring appears!  Spectroscopy, a neon rainbow of data, shows a feast of light and color. 


Recently, in Possibly Present, the previous post, I felt "somewhat connected." 

During the eclipse and afterwards I experienced "perfectly present" moments of being absolutely there~ in a span of focused concentration.


Afterglow:  Total Eclipse of the Clock

*** "Time it was, oh, what a time it was...."

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* Sue Broome:  empowerment4you  Author, Spiritual Teacher, Books, Video, Angel Messages and more, photo by Sue Aug 21, 2017, reprinted with permission

Eclipse Over America, NOVA, PBS broadcasting

The Week  Magazine:  The Great American Eclipse, p 11,  Aug 11, 2017 and The Eclipse:  A Nation Briefly United in Awe, p. 17 Sept 1, 2017   

Music:  **Quote from Both Sides Now by Judy Collins, "but clouds got in my way..."

More Songs: Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler, Moonglow the Theme from Picnic, Moonshadow by Cat Stevens, Allegheny Moon, Moon Over Miami, Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Moonlight Becomes You So.  When You Wish Upon a Star from both Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Walt Disney's Pinocchio  

*** Quote: from Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends, "Time it was, oh, what a time it was..."

TV and Online:
Luna Eclipses (2011) My Little Pony cartoons DFCH, TV, for kids of all ages, "Once In a Blue Moon...."

NASA, CBS, CNN, Sky and Telescope, and more

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

*Total Eclipse of the (He)art, photo by Sue Broome, reprinted with permission 

Total Eclipse of the Clock photo by Dahlis

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Possibly Present in Every Way~ ?

Zoe drew a sketch:  We have the "Earth"  peppered with "people" on your left view representing "Normal Reality."  There is a bridge connecting Earth to the "Beyond," multiple dimensions of "Non Physical Reality" on your right.  People on Earth may be more grounded (rooted in reality) or not (out there:  dreamers, mystics, writers, artists, musicians and many others).  Some people can co exist in several dimensions at once, in a harmonic balanced blend. 

"It's fun up there!"

"Where are you in the spectrum of present on Earth or in the Beyond?" Zoe asked.

Without hesitation I replied, "I'm way out there right now."  For a short while, recently, I actually felt more rooted to Earth, more in the moment, more spontaneous, yet less creative, restless for the missing 'me.'  I started drifting out again...."

 Questioning a friend, "Where do you feel you fit in to the broad spectrum of physical and non-physical reality or a blend of each?"  

"I'm possibly present."

"I like that!"

** Face Forward:

Wander and Wonder:

Fully Present? 

How might I feel then?  Am I more willing to experience activities and new adventures?

More social, let go and relax more, less drive to achieve, less OCD, more flexible

Less controlling, less agitated.

Link more ideas and data together, active and dynamic learning.

Feel more like a team player, part of group activity, a feeling of belonging.

However:  far less motivated~ more of a drifting carefree attitude, more enjoyment of life, food music, etc. 

Out There?

Creative inspiration, strong feelings to paint or write

Intuition deepens

More solitary

otivational drive to achieve

OCD and edgy drive, "my stuff my way~"

Some areas of daily life and tasks may actually be more organized in this mindset, usually in short bursts.

* Shirley MacLaine speaks of "Multidimensional Identity" part of which can be non physical childhood friends.  I certainly have them in the forms of animals!  The many incoming images feed my desire to draw and paint animals....and more.

Meditation is "really hard" being an overachiever, Shirley also commented.

Sitting still, when we can, nourishes and energizes every dimension of our physical and non physical selves.

*** Future Forward

Up Close

From the Stars We Came~
Possibly Present in Every Way

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* Shirley MacLaine, actress, author, spiritual teacher, visionary,  and dancer.  Multiple books, movies, and documentaries help us understand ourselves and explore new pathways of thinking and acting. Quotes from Oprah Winfrey's interview with Shirley 2015, OWN  Super Soul Sunday

Radical Face, Ben Cooper: Roots, Branches, Leaves, and new EP  Tune in for visual relaxation and energy, a cyclical EP, repeats the loop of music.

chopracentermeditation Deepak Chopra, M.D., online meditation programs, free and for purchase, Deepak and Oprah 21 Day Meditation Experiences and more

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Dr. Paul Lam,  Programs for all ages and ability levels

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Giam  instruction for all levels
Peggy Cappy, Yoga for all ages, various programs

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Art work and photos published with permission:
Earth and Beyond, sketch by Zoe
"It's fun up there!" photo by Jule
** Face Forward, drawing by Zoe
*** Zoe Meditating, painting by Ivy